Monday, 7 March 2011

The whys and the wherefores...

This blog is intended to be a safety valve for me to blow off steam about the eco-irritations of being an ecologically-sympathetically-inclined human in a world that largely doesn't give seem to give a damn. It doesn't really matter if no-one reads it except me but I'll be surprised (and delighted) if it does attract any kindred spirits out there. "Emotive musings" will often mean "Rant" but I'll try to be constructive in the comments too.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

British Badgers Under Threat

Just when the British government are reeling from the shock of discovering that the British public really don't want the Forestry Commission's woods and forests sold off and have beaten a hasty retreat, the next potential environmental PR fiasco is the slaughter and maiming of thousands of badgers in England and Wales, which will probably begin in May 2011 if the public don't object strongly to that too. The whole "cull", to give it its euphemistic name, is really just a sop to the British dairy industry, who want to blame someone or something for the bovine TB problem; so the badger, supposedly a protected species, is the easy target. Please look at the website here: , read about it and if you're a British resident and object to this horror, please write to your MP saying so ASAP. (If you don't know who it is you can find your MP and their postal address here: ) If you're not a British resident and also agree it's appalling, please do write to the British government to say so! International embarrassment helps too... It's not just the idea of the "cull", it's the fact that the method of killing (allowing farmers and landowners to shoot badgers) is so very inhumane and will almost certainly lead to many badgers being horribly maimed; they will then crawl away to die in agony somewhere. It's all about saving money as more humane methods would undoubtedly cost more.